Project Management Services

Third Party Inspection & Technical Support

The Safety Committee will administer the Company’s Health, Safety and welfare Policy.

  • Material inspection and inventory checking inspection
  • Review of technical specification, design data and material test reports including Procedures Witnessing of mechanical tests, factory acceptance tests and
  • Welder qualification tests and preparation of welding procedure specification,Verification of performance qualification records.
  • Welding inspections, painting inspection, electrical and NDT inspection for marine andOffshore constriction activities.
  • Dimensional and tolerance inspection for structural integrity including torque check for mechanical complete.
Inspection & Technical

Commissioning Services

  • Preparation of Test memos and commissioning procedures.
  • Review of commissioning documents and attend Factory Acceptance Test (FAT).
  • Pre-commissioning and commissioning of piping, mechanical and electrical equipments.
  • Pressure testing of high pressure piping systems.
  • Coordination between Classification and clients for various commissioning activities.
  • Coordinator with statutory and regulatory bodies for performance of commissioning Activities Equipments and material inspection pre and post commissioning.
  • Planning and executing commissioning activities by coordination with all the departments involved.